Professor Angelo Nicolaides

As a past teacher and current academic at a university, I can say without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, that SAHETI school is clearly a top-notch school. It is a decidedly innovative school, with carefully crafted curricula and a super range of extra-mural activities including a highly desired range of sporting disciplines.

Academically, the students get more attention and are less likely to be lost in the crowd. They are thus able to focus on subjects they really care about while still getting a solid grounding in the requisite basics. Maintaining high quality education is not an obstacle for SAHETI’s dedicated teachers who endeavor to continually ‘raise the bar’.

Pupils at SAHETI have an edge and the school continues to challenge students in innovative ways and inculcates within them, their rights and responsibilities as pupils and future citizens. The school thus creates a good future-citizens sense and a core mission appears to be teaching pupils to participate in the democratic process and do well educationally post-school.

SAHETI should be the object of desire for educational quality-conscious parents. Why do I say this?

For a school to be effective it requires first and foremost, professional leadership which imbues stakeholders with a sense of a shared vision and goals. The ambience which is exuded should reflect a learning environment in which high quality teaching and learning take place daily. Purposeful teaching is non-negotiable! Furthermore, pupil progress should be carefully scrutinized and positive reinforcement should prevail as relatively high expectations are set. SAHETI has these attributes and more! My children are blessed to be SAHETI scholars!