SAHETI School is known for its rich cultural diversity and unique offering in that it promotes the values of Hellenism. At SAHETI we cultivate a sense of personal identity through the school motto ‘Know Thyself.’ We believe that we encourage and prepare our children to live with self assurance, a reverence for life and a sense of service.

The children at SAHETI come to value diverse perspectives and conflicting ideas as they are taught to construct knowledge as independent, critical thinkers. The school is committed to developing and enhancing the human capital of both staff and pupils. We create a safe and secure environment that facilitates experimentation involving new ideas, initiatives and innovations, moving beyond expectations. While the teaching day is structured, it provides and promotes flexibility and time for the completion of an idea, thought or project.

Sahetians are encouraged to develop learning habits and values that are not dependent solely on rewards, but are intrinsically motivated. They learn that by giving back they can move forward.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – TS Eliot

Mrs Sophia Zachariou
Primary School


A vibrant, happy environment is what characterizes SAHETI Primary School. The focus is to provide a caring and loving space with an innovative teaching drive, which constantly challenges the enquiring mind and nurtures the development of the intellect. Every opportunity is used to make the curriculum more meaningful, through special themed projects and “Learning in Context” days. Pupils work on research projects which require collaboration, respect of one another’s opinion, teamwork and critical, creative thought.

A solid values system ensures the development of confident individuals with positive self-esteem who live out the spirit of our school motto “Know Thyself”. We provide learning platforms where our pupils are given the opportunity to engage and connect with their peers and form healthy and meaningful relationships. Outreach activities and community awareness projects are embraced with SAHETΙ “ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ”.

Passionate and caring staff form the backbone of the enriched educational experience that SAHETI offers. Pupils feel supported throughout their learning journey. Close parental involvement is encouraged, thereby creating the “SAHETI family”.


At SAHETI we identify ourselves as a South African school, having our learning/curriculum rooted in CAPS. We consciously strive towards implementing and maintaining global standards and aim to deliver powerful knowledge that promotes intentional, skilful thinking and reasoning….


The cultural offering in the Primary School lays the foundation for the initial development of individual abilities throughout school life. Pupils may choose activities varying from the musical, the rhythmic, the thespian, rhetoric and the interest-based offerings in the various clubs…


SAHETI Primary School values the role that sport plays in the holistic development of pupils. We strive to give each child a good foundation of sporting skills, and to encourage the enjoyment of sport with a view to promoting a lifelong commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle…