High school culturals

At the core of the SAHETI ethos lies a strong cultural tradition built over many decades. The varied offering of activities in the High School provides opportunities for every individual to make choices that suit their own interests, fostering the development of self-confidence and interpersonal relationships.

Stage productions are a regular feature of school life. SAHETI is known for tackling some of the most challenging Greek, dramatic and musical productions with great success. The innovative house play festival offers pupils the opportunity to cast and direct plays on their own, performing to a packed audience at this highly anticipated annual event.

Rhetorical skills are developed through participation in the highly successful debating and public speaking teams. And on a completely different level, the intrepid lifesavers offer their services at several provincial galas throughout Gauteng.

The different bands (Greek, marimba, contemporary) provide opportunities for the budding talents of a large number of musically inclined pupils to reach their full potential.

The performances of the Greek dancing groups form an integral part of most events at the school, while showcasing the many folk dances that originate from mainland Greece as well as the Greek islands.

The outreach team is one of the most favoured activities in the High School. Pupils regularly visit institutions where they offer their services as child carers, cleaners and assistants for staff.

Service is broadened to raising funds for Little Eden and other projects on an annual basis. The team also organises sports activities and outings for children from different orphanages.

Chess, sound and lighting, radio station, multi-media club and e-sport allow for the interests of smaller groups of pupils to be explored and developed.

All pupils are expected to take part in at least one cultural activity, with many voluntarily committing to a number of different options.

High School

Cultural Activities

  • Bouzouki Band
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Classical Greek Dance
  • Contemporary Band
  • Debating
  • Eisteddfod
  • Greek Dance
  • Life Saving Service
  • Marimbas
  • Matric Dance Committee
  • Major Production
  • Multi Media Club
  • Music
  • One Act Play Festival
  • Outreach
  • President’s Award
  • Public Speaking
  • Radio Station
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Writers’ Circle