Staff Endorsements

Endorsements from past pupils, now staff at SAHETI School

Alexia Aronis

Starting my journey as a SAHETIAN at the age of seven cannot be summarized in one sentence…

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Stefania Pitt-Fotakis

Being a student at SAHETI from the age of three, I strongly believe that SAHETI has played a crucial role in who I am today…

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Melissa Bennet

SAHETI promotes more than just access to an academic institution. It enables all pupils, no matter their diversity…

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Evan Coconas

The SAHETI bug gives voice and reveals purpose. Nobody belongs to the mass. It’s simple – SAHETI is a school with a heart…

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Archbishop, Dr Petros Parginos

SAHETI has been my extended family and my ‘home from home’ – nurturing, encouraging, sustaining, enriching…

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Lia Georgiadis

SAHETI has played a significant role in the formation of the person I am today – 12 years as a student and another decade as an…

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