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Through the first four decades since SAHETI has been educating adolescents, much has changed. It is these changes that we, at SAHETI, have viewed as opportunities rather than challenges. Apart from its distinctive academic record, the defining feature of SAHETI is its focus on an ethos that encourages free, independent thinking yet fosters an awareness of responsible action and ethical decision making.

We believe that a rich scholastic participation in diverse and exciting cultural and sporting activities should be carefully balanced with an astute academic programme. Individuality and the need for self-expression have inspired a creative environment which promotes self-actualisation, growth and leadership.

Although dynamic in our educational philosophy, core Hellenic values embedded in a rich classical tradition are the cornerstone of our vision and have remained a firm foundation binding our students, both past and present.

Our primary aim is to afford each Sahetian the opportunity to be a self-confident, inquiring and tolerant person; one who is an individual thinker and one who engages in the creative spirit of endless opportunities. By the time our students leave SAHETI, we have enabled them to ignite their inner strengths, however diverse, and in so doing offered them the assertion to forge a meaningful mark both nationally and globally.

Dr Daniela Pitt
Mr Jaco Kruger
Mrs E Lion-Cachet
High School


Whilst the High School remains committed to producing top academic results, each individual is encouraged to aspire to excellence in his or her particular field. Independent thought and entrepreneurial spirit are valued and supported.

An extensive selection of subjects is offered to meet the academic demands of senior students, while innovative education practice by the motivated teaching staff challenges students’ potential and the development of higher order thinking. The Grade Controller system facilitates both a close working relationship with each student and monitors progress and development. Staff are available for academic support after school.

A comprehensive Life Skills programme focuses on vocational testing, career counselling and informative talks on issues that affect young people. Open communication is encouraged as part of the process, which aims to equip students with the wisdom to make informed choices on issues affecting adolescent life.



Congratulations to the 2022/2023 prefect body. We wish them a successful term of office and look forward to their loyalty and support.


Alexandros Kosmas
Zoi Pashou


Panayioti Economou
Alexandra Avraamides


Michael Alagiozoglou
Jason Barbis
Dapaah Bosman
Ioanna Economou
Anele Eze
Michael Harding
Kosta Karagiannis
Panayiotis Katsikides
Yianna Michael
Amalia Stylianou


The culture of achievement at SAHETI is true to the spirit of excellence described by Homer in “The Iliad”: “Always give of your best”. Fostering a curiosity about the process of learning has become the cornerstone of SAHETI’s success…


At the core of the SAHETI ethos lies a strong cultural tradition built over many decades. The varied offering of activities in the High School provides opportunities for every individual to make choices that suit their own…


At SAHETI we strive to provide a holistic education. We believe that there needs to be a balance in the lives of the children in our care, and with that in mind we provide a broad and dynamic extra-curricular program…