Mema Bourtsouklis

When we joined SAHETI in 2016, we were apprehensive about the travelling time and distance from the Vaal Triangle, as well as about moving to a school quite different to what we were used to. Nevertheless, from the outset were warmly welcomed and made to feel part of the SAHETI family.

Our sons have thrived academically and socially in just a year and a half.

They are part of many cultural programs that have enriched their sense of heritage, including religion, culture and diversity. They are challenged and equipped to learn and think ‘out of the box’ in accordance with the school motto ‘Know Thyself’, which will prepare them well for their future studies and careers. Socially, they feel that their school is their family, which they miss during holidays.

Lastly, SAHETI keeps them mentally and physically so busy that they stay away from any kind of trouble!

#proud SAHETIANs!