Joanmariae Fubbs

My granddaughter Isabella Ely, who has been a student at SAHETI since February 2017, is gaining in confidence and competence. The values espoused of integrity of purpose, of appreciating each student as an individual in their own right with their own personalities, gifts and skills contributes to more effective learning. It also encourages students to reach out beyond themselves and share their gifts and caring with those in the community whose health makes them more vulnerable or whose income does not enable them to enjoy the same lifestyle as the individual students.

However most of all SAHETI’s values of treating each person with dignity and ensuring that all students respect one another is vitally important in our fractured society where racism often rears its ugly face. The enabling environment of Ubuntu and academic excellence created by staff encourages students to communicate more freely their concerns, hopes and dreams. Values of hard work, discipline, commitment and conviction and a holistic education which balances the arts, sport and academia contribute to the student’s character formation which will produce a new generation of creative and critical thinkers and responsible and responsive citizens, whose knowledge is used to develop not only their own potential but also those of their fellow country, men and women.

Isabella enjoys the environment created by SAHETI School and has made some very good friends.