Jenny Aristides

I am speaking as a parent of three in the SAHETI family as well as an alumna. I have a very positive outlook when I discuss or think of SAHETI as a school, community and an institution. My children are all thriving there and are extremely happy and content, which makes me happy! They have formed life-long friends and through their friends I have made friends with other parents.

It is great to be in touch and see past students who also now have their children at the school. We are very proud to be Greek and say so – this comes as a result of the ethos, culture as well as language taught by SAHETI. I have seen many changes like the affordable, healthy tuck shop which has been needed for a long time; the new tours introduced, enabling our children to explore the world at large; the implementation of compulsory sports sessions which provide us with stronger teams. I do, however, feel that children should be able to choose between cultural activities and sport, as they would then participate in what they enjoy and not what they are forced to do. For example, my children are my sporty, yet have to take a cultural activity, as it is compulsory – yet they would much prefer to do sport. That is a very personal opinion. In addition, children should focus on sport throughout the year (or at least six months of the year) that they are strongest at and obviously enjoy. This will bring stronger teams forward.

My negative comment has also a positive outlook. The staff turnover: it’s great, as it seems we are obtaining excellent, qualified and experienced teachers. However, my son is in Grade 11 and now on his third science teacher; he seems fine, but I worry.

Besides this, we as a family are extremely satisfied with the SAHETI family!