Farzanah Nanabhai

This has been our first year at SAHETI for both my kids. I cannot emphasize how they both have changed during this year. My Grade 8 child has become stronger and more confident. She is now very outspoken and I can say that SAHETI has done this. My Grade 10 child says that he will never go back to any other school after attending SAHETI. That statement in itself says a lot. If a child loves the school and the teachers, half your battle is won.

It has been an adjustment academically coming from a government environment. But I know that there will be a drastic improvement in their December results. The teachers and the facilities at SAHETI are one of a kind, and my children are truly blessed to be here. I would sincerely recommend that every child be given the opportunity to be at a school like SAHETI where they are encouraged, loved and nurtured to achieve their goals for their future.

There is an open door policy at the school – you are able to arrange a meeting with any teacher, even heads of departments. I thank all the teachers, Mr Kruger who is always willing to listen and lend a helping hand, Dr Pitt, who is always available and ready to give good, honest advice and help when it is needed. There are many more teachers, but too many names to mention, who have made us feel comfortable and welcome. We are proud to be a part of the SAHETI family.