Dina Katakuzinos

I myself did not attend SAHETI; however, while I was at Sandringham High, in Grade 11 my parents encouraged me to participate in the Debs Ball. It was not about aiming for a winning position, but for the overall experience and involvement with other Greek girls of my age. I thus met many very good friends who to this day I proudly call my best friends. This opened another door for me and I grew my friendship network.

Many years later I met my husband who was proud of being an ex SAHETIAN. To this day, Peter still has most of his school friends and networks with many people daily who were at school with him.

The network and support we have at SAHETI truly is like no other and we are proud that our daughter Chloe is currently a student at the school. We look forward to her little sister also starting there one day and to the joy and fulfillment of watching them grow their own little friendships and networks.