Costa and Constantina Hambakis

Our son and daughter started at SAHETI School in 2009. From the very first week of our daughter attending the Playschool, I was amazed at the unique approach the staff had towards the pupils. My daughter is quite feisty, strong willed and not shy to express herself. I was advised by her teacher at the time to not break her spirit by shutting her down, but rather to appreciate her self-confidence, while setting boundaries and teaching her about making choices and the consequences thereof.

Throughout the years that our children have attended SAHETI, this approach has been maintained. This was very different to my school experience, where we got punished if we did not do as we were told and feared expressing our opinion in case we got into more trouble.

In a recent meeting regarding a concern we had in the high school, we were shown support, concern and guidance, by not only the Head of Academics, but by the Gr 8 Grade Controller and the school psychologist who were also present.

As parents we feel very privileged to have our children attend a school where the pupils, their education and their wellbeing are top priorities.

SAHETI truly is one big family. The teachers and staff take the time and effort to individually get to know the pupils and everything that is happening at the school.

And while there are those difficult or unpleasant experiences that all pupils encounter during their school careers, that is when SAHETI’s team personally take them under their wing by guiding and supporting them and helping them find solutions on how to best move forward when they feel stuck. Motivating them to “Know Thyself” and helping them to become the best version of themselves.

We feel it is this approach that creates true leaders and achievers in life, as shown by so many of our past pupils.

We constantly feel reassured that our choice of school for our children could not have been a better one!