On 19 February 2021 the SAHETI matric class of 2020 were invited to SAHETI to receive their matric certificates and alumni gifts. It was a day filled with great triumph and joy as this class achieved a matric year like no other having met the pandemic with true courage and strength.

The head girl and head boy, Sofia Ferretti and George Georgiades, together with the prefect body of 2019/2020, chose to commemorate the success of the matric class of 2020 by unveiling a beautiful mosaic shield, leaving an enduring symbol of hope. 2020, the year where our boat sailed to the mountains instead of the sea. “Βαπόρι στολισμένο βγαίνει στα βουνά” The matric class of 2020 knew that our year would leave a mark, regardless of circumstance.

One way or another, our strength rose above and shone through, like dawn’s sure sunrise. Presented as a farewell gift to our school, the Hellenistic sun is an ancient Greek design. 

Otherwise known as the Vergina Sun, or Argead Star, this royal symbol represented the Argead dynasty of the ancient Macedonian Kingdom, into which Alexander the Great was born.

This emblem was chosen as it represents the ‘strength in unity’, and filotimo, exhibited by the Matric class of 2020 and fellow Sahetians. The mosaic is assembled mainly with 5 cent coins along with other discontinued, Greek, and South African coins. These coins were donated by SAHETI learners, teachers, and parents, and have been repurposed to create this artwork.

The Prefects of 2019-2020 wish to thank the SAHETI alumnus who made a significant contribution to funding their initiative, completed by Mosaic Arts. The mosaic remains a captivating addition to SAHETI’s landscape.