The COVID-19 Distress Fund

SAHETI School prides itself on providing a values-driven education where students are encouraged to realise their individual potential and aspire to excellence. The SAHETI family is one of our biggest strengths, while at the same time we are firmly rooted in the community, embracing all who share in our universal values.

Family, community and values are central to who we are as a school, and are being called upon as never before. The SAHETI COVID-19 Distress Fund is our response to the hardships which have become a daily reality for many SAHETI families – including the inability to pay school fees. The loss of pupils due to this is a scenario that we are trying to avoid and we implore you to help us. Now is the time to come together as family and community and live the values that define what SAHETI stands for.

The COVID-19
Distress Fund

The SAHETI community, along with the rest of South Africa, is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown necessitated by the virus has taken a devastating toll on jobs and businesses, and as a result, many people are facing overwhelming daily challenges. With some SAHETI parents unable to meet their financial obligations and provide for their families, there is a real and urgent need for a unified response…

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SAHETI Community Outreach

In addition to the SAHETI COVID-19 Distress Fund, the SAHETI Alumni Association is offering support at various levels through the SAHETI Community Outreach initiative. The pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation which affects us all. Our hearts go out to anyone in the SAHETI community who has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus. The SAHETI Alumni Association would like to reach out and assist where possible.


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Branch : Bedford Gardens
Branch Code : 252155
Account No : 62012914794
Account Name : SAHETI SCHOOL
Reference : COVID and surname

The COVID-19
Distress Fund

R16 MillionR379,000

The amount of R16m excludes an amount of R5m allocated by SAHETI to the COVID Distress Fund for the specific purpose of providing families with financial aid.

Who is involved

The SAHETI family is joining forces to enable the children of parents who have been hard hit by consequences of the pandemic to continue attending SAHETI, and also provide other emergency relief. An initiative by the SAHETI Board in establishing the SAHETI COVID-19 Distress Fund is gathering traction. We are encouraged by the shared concern and generous response of the following stakeholders: