Melissa Bennet

High School: History and Geography


The school motto ‘Know Thyself’ is one that encompasses so much of what SAHETI is about. SAHETI encourages you to learn about yourself in every aspect of life. This is done in the hallways, in cultural activities, on the sports field and in the classroom. It is a place where one feels at home no matter the time of day, month or even year, and a place where one can express who they truly are.

It also turns every individual into a passionate Greek, even if they weren’t born one. As an alumna of SAHETI, I was able to experience this learning to know myself. It grew me and strengthened me in ways I could not comprehend at the time and that I am now so grateful for.

As an educator at SAHETI, I have the privilege of being a part of the growth, strengthening, learning and the importance of knowing thyself that happens each day in the lives of those I interact with.