Mr John Philippou

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Having served SAHETI in various capacities I believe that we need members of the Board that understand the changing socio-political-economic environment that affects and will affect the continued success of our endeavours. The direction we take over the next few years will have a profound effect on the educational environment and future success.

I have served our Hellenic community, in which SAHETI is included, with the purpose of leaving our future generation with a legacy of integrity, determination to succeed and a good understanding of the Hellenic Ethos. Being a non-parent means that I’m bringing to the institute and the board a community insight and believe strongly that the INSTITUTE and SCHOOL boards should be separated as they play different roles. Parents should be more active on a school board whilst the institute should be setting the protective measures over our assets and developing more SAHETI models elsewhere with our communities in support.

I’m privileged to be serving SAHETI and would like the opportunity to assist in the determination and conclusion of our future plans.