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SAHETI Pre-Primary & Playschool

From the moment the smallest among our learners walks into our Pre-Primary and Playschool, they are entering a nurturing world in which they can start to discover who they are. Here, every child is viewed as a unique human being, and the learning process focuses on self-discovery.

Pre-Primary School

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    Nisha Lalloo

    We are, and have been proud SAHETI parents for last six years. From the very first positive interaction, the school left us with a warm and comfortable feeling that our children are at a great school. We also believe that this school will bestow on them the excellent academics and self confidence that will make our children leaders of the future. We often see the confidence in our children, and they challenge us respectfully, which in our opinion demonstrates confidence. We are often complimented by family members and close friends on the talent they see in our children compared to… [read more] “Nisha Lalloo”

    Mema Bourtsouklis

    When we joined SAHETI in 2016, we were apprehensive about the travelling time and distance from the Vaal Triangle, as well as about moving to a school quite different to what we were used to. Nevertheless, from the outset were warmly welcomed and made to feel part of the SAHETI family. Our sons have thrived academically and socially in just a year and a half. They are part of many cultural programs that have enriched their sense of heritage, including religion, culture and diversity. They are challenged and equipped to learn and think ‘out of the box’ in accordance with… [read more] “Mema Bourtsouklis”

    Marianna Cidrais

    My child LOVES his school and said he wouldn’t change a thing if he could! So for me, if he is HAPPY I am… [read more] “Marianna Cidrais”

    Costa and Constantina Hambakis

    Our son and daughter started at SAHETI School in 2009. From the very first week of our daughter attending the Playschool, I was amazed at the unique approach the staff had towards the pupils. My daughter is quite feisty, strong willed and not shy to express herself. I was advised by her teacher at the time to not break her spirit by shutting her down, but rather to appreciate her self-confidence, while setting boundaries and teaching her about making choices and the consequences thereof. Throughout the years that our children have attended SAHETI, this approach has been maintained. This was… [read more] “Costa and Constantina Hambakis”

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    Fees for 2022

    Online Application

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    From 14 months

    Yearly Fee :: R52 365.00
    Paid by 31 Jan :: R50 270.40
    Termly x 3 :: R17 455.00
    Monthly x 11 :: R  4 760.45


    Grade 000

    Yearly Fee :: R71 609.00
    Paid by 31 Jan :: R68 744.64
    Termly x 3 :: R23 869.67
    Monthly x 11 :: R  6 509.91


    Grade 00

    Yearly Fee :: R74 488.00
    Paid by 31 Jan :: R71 508.48
    Termly x 3 :: R24 829.33
    Monthly x 11 :: R  6 771.64


    Grade R

    Yearly Fee :: R81 727.00
    Paid by 31 Jan :: R78 457.92
    Termly x 3 :: R27 242.33
    Monthly x 11 :: R  7 429.73