Ms Morag Rees

The SAHETI Board is delighted to announce that, after an extensive search and selection process, Ms Morag Rees has been appointed as the new Executive Head of SAHETI School with effect from 1 October 2022.

Ms Rees has extensive and in-depth experience as a Principal, Executive Principal and as the Managing Director of the National Schools’ Group, with a track record of delivering excellent outcomes in the premium education sector. She has a particular interest and experience in instructional leadership and academic innovation.

Having completed her BA in Fine Arts (Education) (Honours) degree, Mrs Rees then attained a Bachelor of Education (PG) followed by a Masters degree in Education, with an emphasis on Curriculum Evaluation and Design, Teacher Education and Curriculum Theory and Development. In addition, Ms Rees seeks to develop her knowledge on an ongoing basis by attending various development programmes and personal self-development courses, including a Leadership Development Programme (GIBS, University of Pretoria).

Ms Rees’s career in the educational sector spans some 35 years, including in excess of ten years as a Principal. She began her career as a teacher, and then served as a Head of Department and later advanced to the positions of Principal and Managing Director in various capacities within the Crawford Schools Group, gaining experience in many aspects of the management of private schools.

Ms Rees is well-known as a passionate educator and places the well-being of the child at the forefront of her belief system. She is known for building high-performance schools with educators who put children first and in her recent role as Campus Executive Principal – Crawford International Sandton Campus, she led three top performing co-educational schools (Grade 000 to Grade 12). In her time here, she led the teaching team to deliver consistent improvement and outstanding achievements in the academic, cultural and extramural spheres.

Ms Rees firmly believes that in a globally competitive environment, an innovative approach to all-round scholastic development is vital. She has been integrally involved in driving successful cultural, extramural, diversity, leadership and technology programmes, as well as in the management of sports and sport teams.

She is a strong believer in blending proven and progressive educational practices, recognising the benefits of exposing students to the most effective teaching methods available, as well as the most relevant technological opportunities. Staff welfare and development is a cornerstone of her managerial approach and she is a skilled mentor and staff coach.

Her recent consulting work has included advising in the field of private education and acting as Head of Teaching and Learning at a SA-based virtual global school. She is also an experienced College Counsellor and Departure Programme Advisor for US and UK universities.

Her understanding of current best practice, her warm and outgoing personality, and her determination to bring out the best in every student and every teacher, empower her to deliver academic excellence, while developing young people to be outstanding global citizens.

Ms Rees will also be responsible for positively seeking and developing ways to further improve, drive and strengthen the teaching of the Greek language and enhance the positioning of the Greek culture and of religion within the school.

The Search and Selection Committees of the Board worked diligently to ensure that the selection process was robust and comprehensive. We received over 50 applications, of which six were current or previous heads of schools. 


The Committees were impressed with the quality and number of applications received. Though this has made the process time-consuming and challenging, it ensured the appointment of the best candidate for SAHETI.

Morag is married to Graham, and they have three adult children, Rhiannon, Jessica and Gareth. The girls have completed their Masters degrees and work in London and South Africa and Gareth is currently studying Actuarial Science at Wits University. Her interests include oil painting, digital design, gardening and landscaping as well as academic research. We look forward to welcoming the Rees family to SAHETI.

Please join us in wishing Ms Rees every success as our new Executive Head – we have no doubt that under her energetic leadership, our students, educators and parents at SAHETI can look forward to an exciting and successful future.