SAHETI stands out as one of the top academic, co-educational independent schools in South Africa. Established in 1974, the school continues to serve the broader community through a values-driven education that focuses on the individual – developing a love of wisdom and life-long learning.

The school motto ‘Know Thyself’, from Socrates’ famous dictum in ancient Greece, speaks to self-reflection. Through this, we begin to understand our need for God and our dependence on each other. Further, I believe that a good understanding of ourselves guides us as individuals to nurture our bodies, mind and character so that we may maximise our God- given potential and fulfil the calling upon our lives.

SAHETI is often referred to by our stakeholders as a family environment, where all individuals are loved and cared for. Academics, sport and culture are integral to each SAHETIAN’s success.

In addition, our values are routed in the Hellenic culture which upholds principles relating to tradition, ethics, family and an inclusion of all people through a journey of self-discovery.

Whether it be Greek dancing, singing or drama, SAHETI provides all with a taste of the Mediterranean while remaining firmly grounded in our South African identity. SAHETI is about developing persons with integrity who are competitive globally in their ability to think critically, independently and creatively.

Our co-educational environment mirrors the dynamics required for the real world. Against this backdrop, SAHETI equips all its pupils to contribute meaningfully to a changing and competitive society.

Mr Warwick Taylor

Mr Warwick Taylor