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Grade 7 Leadership Camp 2019

SAHETI's grade 7s left for leadership camp on the 23rd January and arrived home a little tired but in good spirits on the 25th January. Our camp was facilitated by Lead4Life and held at Camp Cyara in Magaliesburg. The children were divided into groups for the duration of the camp. Activities were geared toward improving their communication and collaboration abilities.

The following statements are a sample of what the children said they learnt or gained from the experience:
"I made new friends and improved my self-esteem."
"I learnt to really listen to what other people were saying."
"On the leadership camp, I learnt that you should be a great leader for younger individuals and believe in yourself."
"On leadership camp, I learnt to be a leader I have to trust myself and when you have to work in groups the most important thing is communication."
"I learnt that I can't have everything done for me and I have to do things myself."
The mission statement that they chose for their year, which encompasses ideals such as respect, kindness, inclusivity, trust, perseverance and leading by example is "Influencing Future Leaders" .

Write-up: Ms Earle Kaltwasser, Photographs: Mrs Chrissie Economou & Ms Ms Earle Kaltwasser