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High School Inter-House Gala 2019

The high school inter-house gala took place on Friday 18 January.

The top performers were:
- Courtney Marė (senior Victrix Ludorum)
- Tiano Menegazzi (senior Victor Ludorum)
- Mia Menegazzi (junior Victrix Ludorum)
- Georgios Karagiannis (junior Victor Ludorum)

1st place - Apollo (407 points)
2nd place - Athena (404 points)
3rd place - Hermes (396 points)
4th place - Artemis (339 points)

The matric class of 2019 took great delight in their traditional fun-swim at the end of the gala!

Photographs courtesy of SAHETI's Media Club: Devon Murray, Daniel George and Mr Francois van der Merwe.